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Dwight Hates Kobe! Joanie Loves Chachi! (1/24/13)

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It’s your January Twenty-Fourth Davey Mac Sports Report and the Lakers apparently despise each other.  In a team meeting before their game against the Grizzlies last night, Kobe Bryant accused Dwight Howard of hating Kobe.  It’s great that the once-proud Lakers organization has now devolved into Mean Girls.  And Dwight Howard is Lindsay Lohan.  Which means that Dwight Howard has big tits and likes to drive drunk a lot.  By the way, the Lakers lost to the Grizzlies, 106 to 93.  Whores.

HOTNot hot


The Jets are reportedly looking to trade their BEST player, defensive back Darrelle Revis.  In other news, the Jets suck harder than the British prostitute who I paid 10 shillings for in 1996 to give me a “blowy.”  In related news, the English whore had very few teeth.



A lawyer close to the Manti Te’o situation is saying that the entire time Te’o was talking on the phone to his “girlfriend”, he in fact was chatting with a MAN.  This shit is like The Crying Game.  Oh, who am I kidding…I never saw that movie…I apologize for trying to fool you.  I just never got around to seeing it.  That’s all…don’t hold a grudge against me for it!!  I DID, however, see the end of Ace Ventura!!  Einhorn is a MAN!!!!!

Uh ohCry, babyShe's a man, baby


The Davey Mac Player of the Day goes to the NYPD for possibly finding the animals who stole my iPhone.  Thank you, officers!  As for the thieves- I’ll see you fuckers in HELL, baby!!!  Hahahahahaha!!!

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