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It’s holiday time at the Davey Mac Sports Report! Yaaay! (12/24/12)

  Davey Mac CHRISTMAS Collage

It’s your December Twenty-Fourth Davey Mac Sports Report and, being that it’s OFFICIALLY Christmas and New Year’s time; so we’d like to say Happy Holidays to all of you sons of bitches who visit, or listen to the Davey Mac Sports Program (both editions of the show, on Sirius XM Satellite Radio and iTunes), or watch my videos here and on YouTube (EastSideDaveVideos)!!  Thank you, everyone!!

It’s been a good year!!  The Davey Mac Sports Program (online version) was recently named BEST OF 2012 by the  iTunes Editorial Team, which was a HUGE honor!!  I got myself a talent agent whose help will likely get me an Academy Award nomination by 2013.  My morning show (Michele & Dave) that I co-host on WBJB 90.5 The Night in New Jersey, has gotten awesome fucking ratings!!!  Mainly due to my own animal-melting psychic brilliance!!  We’re on a fucking roll, daddy!!

Anyway, a lot of shit happened yesterday in football.  But here’s what you need to know.  The Seahawks are really fucking good as they kicked the piss out of the 49′ers yesterday.  Andrew Luck and the Colts clinched a spot in the playoffs with a victory over the Chiefs.  I just farted.  The Ravens won the AFC North by crushing the Giants.  Boy, I have REALLY bad gas.  Tim Tebow refused to play in the Wildcat formation on Sunday in the Jets/Chargers game because he was angry at being passed over for the start against San Diego.  I think I just shit a little.  The Redskins won again.  The Saints beat the Cowboys in overtime.  I definitely shit my pants.  Dammit.  The Packers annihilated the Titans.  How am I gonna clean these shit-pants before my wife sees them?  The Bears’ playoff hopes stayed alive with their win over the Cardinals.  Maybe I’ll wait until my wife goes out and I’ll bury the shit-pants in the backyard next to our dead parakeet.  The Bengals made the playoffs by beating the Steelers.  Man, I HATE always having to bury shit-pants in the backyard during Christmas.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a happy holiday!  The Sports Report will go on hiatus for a while!  But we’ll be back on Wednesday, January Second!!  Peace!!

Dave Christmas 4

-Dave (12/24/12)