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Dwight Howard the Duck is a headline that makes no sense! (3/13/13)

  Dwight SucksPeople hate Howard

It’s your March Thirteenth Davey Mac Report and former Magic center and now a Laker, Dwight Howard, went back to Orlando to face a hostile crowd and put up 39 points and 16 rebounds in L.A.’s win.  The fans were killing Howard with a chorus of boos and signs that said:

- “Coward”

- “Kobe’s Kid”

- “Dick-Nose”

- “Dork-O-Rama”

- “Fuck-Face”

- “Dwight = Poo”

- “Jerk-Head”

- “Seven Foot Slut”

- and “Jizz-Brain”

It was a rough environment.  I can’t imagine facing that kind of animosity…except for the one time I was booked to sing at the 23rd Annual Little People Awards and did my musical medley of songs that featured the hits, “I’m Afraid of Midgets”, “Let’s Blow Up The Dwarf House”, and “This Place Looks Like An Ugly Hobbit Convention”.  Oh well…

BADLittle GuyHobbits


Meanwhile the Heat won their 19th straight game last night by beating the Hawks- 98 to 81.  It’s over.  Let’s not even play the NBA Playoffs this year because Miami has the championship all wrapped up.  Instead, let’s have an organized Who Can Staple The Most Toys To Their Dick tournament.  Who’s with me?

Crazy Crazy Guy #1:  I am, David!!


377988_307905215903253_240402219320220_1273561_1651481789_n Dave:  Awesome!!  Who else?!


Crazy Crazy Guy #2:  Me!!!


377988_307905215903253_240402219320220_1273561_1651481789_n Dave: Excellent!!  Anybody else?!


Crazy Crazy Guy #2:  Count ME in, Davey Mac!!


377988_307905215903253_240402219320220_1273561_1651481789_n Dave:  Alright!!  Let’s do’s it!!


Crazy Crazy People:  Yaaaaaaayyyy!!!!


A whole bunch of NFL shit has been happening but who cares?  It’s almost Game Of Thrones season, dawg!!  And that’s where my priorities are!!  My prediction for this year on Thrones- the dragons will grow up and fuck topless women.  Either that, or the women will grow up and fuck topless dragons.  I’m not sure which, but someone will be topless and dragons will sure as shit be involved in a sex act!!  That’s a Davey Mac guarantee!!

Game of Jizz


The Davey Mac Player of the Day goes to the next Pope, whoever that may be.  Hopefully he’ll forgive me for the time I threw my brother’s goldfish into the microwave.


See you guys this evening for the Davey Mac Sports Program…LIVE on Usream!!  Go to the East Side Dave Happy Times Channel on Ustream at 7 PM Eastern, 4 Pacific for the shit!!  Peace!!

-Dave (3/13/13)