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Dark Side: A Star Wars Story by "East Side" Dave McDonald

Award-winning writer-director "East Side" Dave McDonald is back with DARK SIDE: A STAR WARS STORY. Being hailed as the greatest film ever by Dave himself and only Dave himself, this cinematic masterpiece (according to Dave, that is) is a psychedelic journey into the very heart of evil. Enjoy this most miraculous of movies. And may the #HISS be with you.

East Side Dave Show: Star Wars Song Game with David W. Collins!

The EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW welcomes David W. Collins, esteemed sound designer and music composer (Lucasfilm and Sony Playstation), voice-over actor (Star Wars: The Force Awakens; Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), and show host (Star Wars Oxygen: The Music Of John Williams), to play the STAR WARS SONG GAME!!   Watch the #ESDS each Tuesday at 7 PM Eastern (and see every, previous episode) on!   HISS!

May The Fourth Be With You! Happy Star Wars Day!

It's Star Wars Day!!  May The Fourth be with you, Dave Pound!  And in order to celebrate this most galactically epic of holidays, I thought we'd watch The East Side Dave Star Wars Spectacular together!  Happy Star Wars Day, space-dogsie!  YES!


And now that you've seen the epic awesomeness which is The East Side Dave Star Wars Spectacular, take a look at the exclusive, behind-the-scenes, Director's Commentary of the movie.....with director "East Side" Dave McDonald and special guest, Anthony Cumia!  BAM!