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Davey Mac Interview For Checkpoint XP!

Checkpoint XP is a brand, new, talk show that focuses exclusively on video games and esports! And guess what?! As they launch their brand…they asked legendary Mario Kart player and all-around gaming master, “East Side” Dave McDonald, to be interviewed for their show! Here’s the YouTube video! If you have a chance, give it a thumbs up! Grazi!

Dark Side: A Star Wars Story by "East Side" Dave McDonald

Award-winning writer-director "East Side" Dave McDonald is back with DARK SIDE: A STAR WARS STORY. Being hailed as the greatest film ever by Dave himself and only Dave himself, this cinematic masterpiece (according to Dave, that is) is a psychedelic journey into the very heart of evil. Enjoy this most miraculous of movies. And may the #HISS be with you.

Festival Of Friendship Redux. A New Film By "East Side" Dave McDonald.

Academy Award-winning writer/director "East Side" Dave McDonald is back with a new, psychedelic, cinematic masterpiece that will haunt your soul.   Festival Of Friendship Redux (starring Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens) tells the tale of two friends...who will soon become enemies.   Your nightmares...just made the list.   Watch this Oscar-worthy short film below.   #HISS.

Davey Mac & Ronnie B in Jersey!

"East Side" Dave McDonald was spotted at the Stress Factory Comedy Club in New Jersey recently...paying homage and respect to his friend, Ron Bennington, who was performing!   Ronnie B. killed it onstage!   The crowd was thunderous!   Laughs were in abundance!   Good times were had!   Electricity was in the air!   And history was made!   YES!

Alexa Bliss & The Dave Man.........New Power Couple?

The word on the street is that the Legend, "East Side" Dave McDonald, and the Goddess, WWE Superstar and RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss, are the new "it" couple for the Planet Earth.  Of course, by "word on the street", we mean that we're starting the rumor right here on this site, and hoping that it finds its way to TMZ.  And by "it" couple...we mean that Dave looks like Pennywise the killer clown.  Have a nice day!

- Davey Mac

The Mac Foundation with WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss

One Week Until SummerSlam!

BAM!  And when Mr. McDonald enters the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on August 20th......he doesn't want any shit from you miscreants!  Do you understand me?!  You bottom-feeders salute Mr. McDonald with showers of praise and love!  You DO NOT BOO Mr. McDonald, you little weasels!  Mr. McDonald decrees, "At SummerSlam, YOU'VE chance in HISS!!"

- Mr. David McDonald, C.E.O. of the #ESDS

It's A New, Special, Father's Day Episode Of THE EAST SIDE DAVE AND SON WRESTLING SHOW! Listen Now!

Oh, YEAH, daddy!  What better way to spend Father's Day than with the number one father/son wrestling podcast in the world.......The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show!  Check out an all-new, explosive episode right NOW in the Wrestling Show section on this site!  Dave (father) and Stanley (son) give their controversial predictions regarding WWE's Money In The Bank (June 18th), as well as discuss Quentin Tarantino, Amadeus, James Brown, and MORE!  Check it out right NOW!  BAM!

May The Fourth Be With You! Happy Star Wars Day!

It's Star Wars Day!!  May The Fourth be with you, Dave Pound!  And in order to celebrate this most galactically epic of holidays, I thought we'd watch The East Side Dave Star Wars Spectacular together!  Happy Star Wars Day, space-dogsie!  YES!


And now that you've seen the epic awesomeness which is The East Side Dave Star Wars Spectacular, take a look at the exclusive, behind-the-scenes, Director's Commentary of the movie.....with director "East Side" Dave McDonald and special guest, Anthony Cumia!  BAM!



The East Stone Express........Tag-Team Legends

Let's get in our time-traveling machine and revisit the WWE's greatest tag-team ever.......the East Stone Express!  Featuring wrestling legends "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and "East Side" Dave McDonald, the East Stone Express was an iconic duo more dangerous than the Hart Foundation, the Bushwackers, and Demolition COMBINED!  So please stand, put your hands over your hearts, and exclaim for all the world to hear, "The East Stone Express rules!  And we're REALLY drunk right now!"  

A New Episode Of The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show Is NOW Available!

It is the single greatest and most original wrestling program in the's The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show...and we have a brand, new episode just for you on THIS SITE (in the Wrestling Show section)!!  Dave and Stanley give their wrestling expertise regarding April 30th's Payback pay-per-view!  Plus, they talk about WrestleMania, do some WWE impersonations, and chat about life itself!  BAM!  Listen to The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show right now on THIS SITE (in the Wrestling Show section)!!  Gimme a "Heck yeah!"  

It's An East Side Dave Show Scary Christmas! NOW On Compound Media!

Ho, ha, huh!!  It's a divine Holiday Special for the's the EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW SCARY CHRISTMAS!!  And it's now available on!  With special guest Chris "Pepper Trump Cuck" Stanley (of Bennington on SiriusXM), an appearance from Shock Jock Robot, a tremendous studio audience, and more, the gang is here in rare form chatting and singing about this magical time of year!  Seasons Greetings...from the #ESDS!!  HISS!   

A Magical, New EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW Is Now Up On Compound Media!

It's the EAST SIDE DAVE know it well.  It is, quite simply, the most fun, insane, sometimes scary, often times disturbing, and always interesting program in the world.  And now, we have a special, transcendent episode for you as radio legend Ron Bennington and the fantastic Chris "Pepper" Stanley (both of the Bennington show on SiriusXM), and the amazing Jimmy Mac of Rebel Force Radio join the #ESDS for one of the greatest shows ever.  Watch this magical moment right NOW on!  YES!