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It's An Insane, Vengeful & Gloriously Evil EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW!! YES!!

It's an especially maniacal and magical East Side Dave Show, dogsie!   The #ESDS gets verbal revenge on a particular suit-wearing weasel in radio, they cut wrestling promos, sings songs, get paranoid, make accusations, freak out, and have killer FUN!!   Watch a new, amazing episode of the East Side Dave Show right NOW on!   HISS!

A New, Hypnotic EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW Is Now Up At Compound Media! HISS!

It's an insane and utterly awesome, new, EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW episode!  And YOU can experience the lunacy right now on CompoundMedia.comDave discusses his gruesome face!  The Big A controversy is addressed by Big A himself!  Roy Harter and his British friends almost come to blows!  It's magical!  It's maniacal!  It's the #ESDS, daddy!  HISS!

It's A New, Explosive Episode Of The EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW! Watch Now On Compound Media!

The EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW is, quite simply, "The Best Program In The World."  You know it's true.  And we want YOU to check out the latest, most controversial episode on  What's it about?  We can't tell you...mainly because we don't know ourselves.  But it's still a must-watch.  It's the #ESDS, daddy......HISS!! 

May The Fourth Be With You! Happy Star Wars Day!

It's Star Wars Day!!  May The Fourth be with you, Dave Pound!  And in order to celebrate this most galactically epic of holidays, I thought we'd watch The East Side Dave Star Wars Spectacular together!  Happy Star Wars Day, space-dogsie!  YES!


And now that you've seen the epic awesomeness which is The East Side Dave Star Wars Spectacular, take a look at the exclusive, behind-the-scenes, Director's Commentary of the movie.....with director "East Side" Dave McDonald and special guest, Anthony Cumia!  BAM!