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Three radio shows, the Super Bowl, GNR, and Star Wars in 3-D in the span of nine days? FUCK YEAH!!

  Feb. 5, 2012- I am in Indianapolis for the mother-fucking Super Bowl to watch my New York Football Giants beat the Patriots.  Bam!

Feb. 7, 2012- I return to my morning radio show on 90.5 The Night where I destroy terrestrial radio with my awesomeness.  Boom!

Feb. 7, 2012- I attend the Giants Super Bowl Parade in NYC's Canyon of Heroes with the family.  Blang!

Feb. 8, 2012- I dominate iTunes with another killer Davey Mac Sports Program.  Blab!!

Feb. 10, 2012- I rock the shit out of Roseland with Gun 'N' Roses.  Blowzaa!!

Feb. 11, 2012- I murder the shit out of Sirius XM Satellite Radio with the glorious Davey Mac Sports Program XL!  Bleeeeep!

Feb. 12, 2012- I win 6 Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year.  Bladele!!!

Feb. 13, 2012- I take my two and three-year-old kids to see Star Wars: Episode I in 3-D.  Blanakin!!!

What a fucking week!!!!  Bllllluuurch!!!!!