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Who wants to see grown men fuck the shit out of Satellite Radio? YOU DO!!!

  Yes you do!!  Don’t even try to deny it!!!  Well then, be prepared for Dave, Pepper, Roy Shaffer and company as they fuck the shit out of Sirius XM Satellite Radio on Saturday!!!  It’s the Davey Mac Sports Program XL, LIVE on Saturday, at 7 PM (EST) on the Opie & Channel- Sirius 206, XM 105!!  We shall leave no one alive when we are done with the show!!  Men, Women, children, small animals, large insects, medium-sized birds, microscopic sharks, invisible dragons, over-sized midgets, and elves made of pre-cum shall all be SLAIN due to our radio dominance and kick-ass-edness!!!  Topics include:

* Licorice- don’t put it in your butt.

* Peyton & Eli Manning: have they surpassed the Gibbs as the world’s favorite Football & Disco brothers?

* Thom Yorke- it’s pronounced Tom…not thhhhhom!!

* Does your cat piss on you?  We’ll teach you the five, easy steps to choke him out if he does!!

* Snot bubbles- cheaper than store-bought bubbles and twice as fun!!

* Special editorial by correspondent Bill Shitts on why Duke’s head basketball coach should make it easier on the rest of us and legally change his name to “Coach K” from Mike Krzyzewkichewbaccafagabeefyvoltrangronkowski.

* Teeth- who needs ‘em anyway?


See ya Saturday for the greatest collision of sports and pop culture since our last show last week!!  It’s the Davey Mac Sports Program XL, on Sirius 206, XM 105, LIVE at 7 PM (EST)!!  Peace!!