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Davey Mac Sports Program XL Super Bowl Special! This Saturday on Sirius XM at 7 PM (EST)!!

  You got that right, muchachos!!  The Davey Mac Sports Program XL will rock the shit out of Sirius XM Satellite Radio on Saturday!  Tune in to the Opie & Anthony Channel (Sirius 206, XM 105) at 7 PM (EST)!!  I'm going away to the God-Damned Super Bowl but we'll still be giving you some fresh material!!  Plus, we'll replay last week's highly-acclaimed and much-requested segment when Cousin Brucie stopped by the show to give his Legendary DJ analysis of our number one, hit Super Bowl song, "Forget Tom Brady"!!  Plus, we'll shoot the shit and talk about Super Bowl parties, Smarties, farties & more!!  Topics will include:

* Can Dave bring a gun on the plane to Indianapolis?  What if it's a special, Super Bowl gun?

* Are pot brownies a legitimate Super Bowl snack?  Three-quarters of the show says Yes!

* Madonna & her half-time performance: the over-under is on nine clit-slips!!

* Cocks- they're not just for jerking anymore!

* Eli Manning- does another championship put him over Arnie Grape in the Retarded Ring Of Honor?

* Tom Brady- why he's a block-headed pussy

* Fingers- surprising places in animals that you can put them!

* Why shitting on your opponent's t-shirt and then putting said shirt on your dad's face while he is napping is NOT a good luck superstition!!

* Al Michaels- what fucking color IS his hair already?!?!


Enjoy the game!  And listen to the Davey Mac Sports Program XL, Saturday at 7 PM (EST) on Sirius XM!  Peace, dogsies!!