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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Feb. 3)

  Woohooo!!  At this time tomorrow, I will be flying in the air via an aeroplane to the fucking Super Bowl!!  How damned excited am I?!?!

a.) REALLY excited! (8%)

b.) INCREDIBLY excited!! (10%)

c.) So mother-fucking excited that I'm thinking of taking a Flip cam into the Continental Airlines bathroom and filming myself joining the ever-depraved Mile High Solo Club where I shall spank it and when I'm done, I'll take the jizz and write "GIANTS" on the fucking mirror with it; saving only a little jizzy between my thumb and index finger for when the stewardess gives me a double jack-and-coke, I'll give her a dollar and some Secret Dave Sauce as a very special tip!!!  Yeeehhaaw!!  Let's go, dogsies!!! (82%)


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