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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Feb. 2)

  It's Groundhog's Day.  This makes me think of Groundhog's Day- the movie.  I love the shit out of it.  What is the best Bill Murray film?

a.) Groundhog's Day (18%)

b.) Ghostbusters (19%)

c.) Caddyshack (16%)

d.) Rushmore (12%)

e.) Scrooged (14%)

f.) Other (3%)

g.) They're all fucking awesome!  Especially "Other"!!!  Hahahahaha!!!  I laughed my dick off at that one, David!!!  Remember the part where Bill Murray made that funny face at the bus-driver?!  Hahahaha!!  And then, when his character was working at the zoo, he slipped and fell into the penguin pen and all the penguins tried to peck him to death!!!!  Hahahahaha!!  And then when he was at the baseball game, he got hit in the head in by a foul ball and started bleeding all over the place!!!  Hahahahaha!!  And he was so smarmy to the Devil!!!!

...what do you mean "Other" was not an actual Bill Murray movie?  ...I'm pretty sure I saw it...let me think...nope.  I'm wrong.  That was the acid again.  Sorry, David. (18%)


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