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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Feb. 1)

  Do I make you sick?

a.) Yes (8%)

b.) No (9%)

c.) Only when you throw up on your sweat-shirt and mop the throw up with what you thought was a normal towel, but it turns out it was your jizz-rag.  Later that day, you are eating some chile while watching TV when you need to wipe your mouth and rather then reaching for a napkin, you mistakenly pick up the same jizz-rag to clean your face.  And after the chile has been eaten, you go to the bathroom for some poopies but, in a strange bout of confusion, instead of wiping your ass with toilet paper you use, once again, said jizz-rag.  Jizz-raaaaagggg!!!!! (83%)

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