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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Jan. 31)

  I keep having these fucked-up mouth dreams.  They're the same every time- I feel a piece of skin in my lower gum suddenly beginning to grow.  So I tug at it in order to rip it out of my mouth, but rather than being torn from my gums, the growth simply reveals a long, creepy piece of skin in the shape of dental floss that just keeps going and going.  And the more I pull at it and try to get it out of my mouth, the more skin-floss there is.  Pretty soon, after tugging at it four hours, there is just a huge pile of skin-floss on the ground that is still connected to my mouth.  What does this recurring dream mean?

a.) No matter how hard I try, I am still stuck in the same place. (8%_

b.) If stay tenacious, big things will happen. (12%)

c.) I am losing my mind. (37%)

d.) My mouth is probably being used as a cocoon for miniature aliens from outer space who are inhabiting it, and while they are in my gums, are using the softness as a breeding ground for an entire alien mouth-parasite species that will soon take over my body and go on a violence spree. (43%)

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