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The Davey Mac Sports Program (podcast) is LIVE tonight on Ustream at 7 PM (EST)!!

  That's right, Sticky Buns!!  The Internet version of the Davey Mac Sports Program will be LIVE tonight at 7 PM (EST) on Ustream!  Just go to the Ustream section of this site to watch the show!  And make sure you download the show from iTunes (the program will be available a few minutes after the Ustream broadcast is completed)!!  Here's the link!!  We had to change our iTunes account recently due to the popularity of the show, so we're asking everyone to please re-subscribe, and (if you would like) to please give a nice comment and review!!  It would really help us out!!!

And of course the satellite radio version of the show, the Davey Mac Sports Program XL,will be LIVE this Saturday on Sirius XM at 7 PM (EST) on the Opie & Anthony Channel (Sirius 206, XM 105)!!

TWO shows!  ONE Davey Mac!!

Topics will include:

* Porcupines- have you ever kissed one?

* Butter knives- why no butter forks?

* Tom Brady- his hair reminds of Janet from Three's Company

* Captain Lou Albano- what kind of Navy Man wears rubber bands on his face?

* You say tomato- WE SAY FUCKING TA-MAH-TOE!!!