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Davey Mac Sports Program on Ustream- LIVE tonight- at 7 PM (EST)!

I may be as sick as dog who has ticks on him and those ticks have a bad case of tick-flu, but that shan't stop the Davey Mac Sports Program from going on tonight, LIVE, at 7 PM (EST)!!  Just go to the Ustream section of this site to watch the show!  And if you miss it, the program will be posted as always on iTunes and after the broadcast!!  I'm gonna make it into NYC for tonight's episode even though my mucus has a neon-green-and-purple-plaid color to it (which is quite alarming; though I do think it would make a nice pattern for some sort of Space Scotsman costume)!  I have been sneezing so much that my eyes have gone past watering up, and straight into Slurpee-ing down.  I'm SICK, I'll tells ya!!  But we'll have a good one tonight anyway!!  See you at 7 PM (EST)!