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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Jan. 13)

  It's Friday the 13th!!  Should you be frightened?

a.) Yes, you should be frightened. (18%)

b.) No, it's just a superstition. (14%)

c.) Of course, you should be frightened.  Why?  Because as you are reading this, I am sneaking up behind you!  I'm gonna get you!!!  Ahhhhhh!!       ...Made you look!!  Haha!  I wasn't really sneaking up behind you.  However, I will admit, while I distracted you with my little "sneaking-up-behind-you" trick, I actually have been breaking into your car, which I intend to steal because mine broke down.  So I guess you should be frightened after all, due to the fact that your mode of transportation has just been taken from you!!  Muhahahaha!!  FACE!!! (68%)


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