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The Davey Mac Sports Program- LIVE tonight on Ustream at 7 PM (EST)!

  Indeed, a spectacular episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program will be LIVE tonight at 7 PM (EST)!  Just go to the Ustream section of this site to watch, listen, suck, and fuck to the "best show in the world."  And if you somehow miss it, you crazy little bastard, the show will as always be put up on iTunes and a couple of hours later!  We have a shitload to talk about- the NFL Playoffs, more Tebow Time, Floyd Mayweather, puppets that have been duct-taped and shall be tortured if they don't give up some names, animals who act like the biggest assholes, dwarfs who have undergone height-change operations, more things you can do with dicks, and falling in love with pudding- is it wrong?  See ya tonight!!  I'll leave you with this morph that one of my "fans" did with me and some guy from Germany!  Later!