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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Jan. 11)

  Sometimes I feel like God might not like me.  But then, sometimes I think, no, God does like me.  What do YOU think?

a.) God likes you, David. (62%)

b.) God hates you, Davey Mac. (12%)

c.) God is uncomfortable around you; especially when he is watching you jerk off for the fifty-thousandth time since October.  God finds you to be a very naughty little boy, Dave.  Furthermore, God disapproves when you blow snot on your hand and then wipe your hand on the keyboard at work...a keyboard which many people use.  Lastly, God does not take kindly to your constant yelling of naughty racial words while driving on Route 35 in New Jersey.  Now say 50 Hail Mary's and 50 Our Father's and clean up your act and you may have a chance to be, not necessarily friends with God, but at least friendly acquaintances. (26%)


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