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Quick News regarding the Davey Mac Sports Program!

  Hi, folks!  So just a couple of fun things!  As you may or may not know, we had to take down or old iTunes feed because the bandwidth couldn't handle all the traffic due to the amazing popularity of the Davey Mac Sports Program!  But we are happy to announce that a new, better feed is now up!  Yeeeehhaaw!  It also means that you will have to re-subscribe and, if you want to, give the great reviews as you did before so that we are again highly-rated on iTunes.  Go here for the link!

Also, new to is a link to our Libsyn page which has previous episodes.  And in a few months or so, for the first time ever, ALL Davey Mac Sports Program's will be available!  Here's the link to THAT:

Lastly, some people have asked me if the Davey Mac Sports Program on iTunes (and is the same show that I do for Sirius XM Satellite Radio!  The answer is "No, dogsie!!"  The satellite version, the Davey Mac Sports Program XL, is a separate show that we do, LIVE, on Saturdays!  Check it out!  TWO shows!  ONE Davey Mac!  Here's a link to the Sirius XM page!

These are exciting times!  I am REALLY excited!  Meaning sexually!  Meaning that I have been typing this whole thing with an erection and you just stood there and watched!  That makes YOU the creep!  In fact, once in paragraph one and TWICE in paragraph three, I touched myself!  That means you participated in Internet Love with the Dave Man!  And I need to tell you something- I am now pregnant with your child!  You better fulfill your responsibilities!!!!