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Important!! The Davey Mac Sports Program will be changing iTunes feeds soon!

  Hello, Friendies!  Due to the rousing success which has been the Davey Mac Sports Program, we need to change iTunes feeds.

Why?  The good news is that the shows has attained a huge audience, much bigger than we anticipated, with many more thousands of subscribers than our bandwidth can take.  Also, the current account that we are using only lets us backlog the previous 29 episodes, and we have had so many people email us that they want access to all the episodes, that we have decided to get a different feed which will allow us to post EVERY SINGLE episode that we've ever done!

Hoorah!  This is a good thing, because it means ALL of our Davey Mac Sports Programs will now be available for the first time ever!

What does this mean?  Well, when the change happens, please re-subscribe and (if you want) leave the 5-star reviews like you had previously done which has made the Davey Mac Sports Program one of the top shows on iTunes and

This change will occur sometime within the next week, meaning that last night's show may or may not be available on the old feed.  Either way, it will be available on the new iTunes account when it goes up.  In the meantime, you can watch the show in the Ustream section of this site (   Skip through the first 17 minutes if you want to go directly into the program).

Thank you, everyone, for supporting the show!!  And keep an eye out for the changes!!  Tell your friends to re-subscribe and (if they want) leave 5-star reviews!!  Thanks again!