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The Davey Mac Sports Program is LIVE tonight on Ustream!

  You read that right, Icabod!!  Watch the wonder and pee that is the Davey Mac Sports Program, LIVE tonight at 7 PM (EST)!  Just go to the Ustream section of this here Gosh-Dang website, farg-rabbit!!  And if you should a-happen to miss the cotton-pickin' show, be sure to a-download it from either iTunes or!!  For easy links to those sites, visit the Davey Mac Sports Page from this here Carl-Weathers site, pig-puggit!!!  Bang bang!!  And why we've evolved into a drunken Wild West cowboy we have no idea, but all's we can say is that we haven't slept well in a fortnight, ah-Denholm Elliott, shiz-shnabbit!!!  Bang, bang!!!