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...A couple of things from David McDonald...

  ...first of all, I love you.  No shit.  I ain't afraid to say it.  I love you and would like to squeeze you into a million pieces and then take those pieces and put them in my pocket and go on a roller-coaster with those pieces.

Secondly, the Davey Mac Sports Program, both the highly-acclaimed Internet version and the even more highly-acclaimed Sirius XM Satellite Radio version have been on vacation (mainly because no one else would do the show with me during Christmas week), but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the wonder and magic that was the Davey Mac Sports Program XL Holiday Special!  It shall replay this Saturday on the Opie & Anthony Channel- Sirius 206, XM 105- at 8 PM (EST)!  A truly remarkable program can be drunkenly enjoyed again so tune in!

Thirdly, after going on the roller-coaster with you, I'd take you into my office and scatter you on a bulletin board like I was John Nash, trying to solve problems and shit.