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Davey Mac Sports Program XL on Sirius XM Satellite Radio- legitimized by the Internet!

  Hey, homies!  We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the Official Sirius XM Satellite Radio site has the Davey Mac Sports Program XL listed as one of the Shows on the Opie & Anthony Channel (Sirius 206, XM 105)!  Also, listed in the Hosts section, is Mr. David McDonald!  Yeeehhhaaww!!  Not it's only a matter of time before our show goes daily!  And then maybe they re-name Sirius XM Satellite Radio:  Davey-us DM Dynamite Fabio!!  But we want to make it absolutely clear that we mean "Fabio" in the Italian "Fabulous" sense of the word; and that in NO WAY is Dave McDonald linked to that big, fucking, modelling weirdo!!  Though sometimes we do think we would like Fabio's hair, and maybe we wouldn't mind touching his biceps a little and-  FUCK!  Listen to us!!  We're getting side-tracked!!!  Check out the great, new show in radio, the Davey mac Sports Program XL, on Sirius XM, every Saturday at 8 PM (EST) on the Opie & Anthony Channel, Sirius 206, XM 105!!  And check out the link!!  Peace!!!