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A new gorgeous Davey Mac Sports Program is up, dogsies!

....And I tells ya its a good one.  We have it all- Rum, Sodomy, and the Women's Soccer.  Phil Mickelson is batshit nuts.  Sports is fun.  We chant.  Jon Gruden gives us some more "sodsenbocker."  Plus, more!! Take a listen!! Share it with your friends!! Tell your neighbors!! Eat some food, you're looking a little thin! .....Seriously, do you want me to get you something?  I'm driving past Ruby Tuesday's anyway I can pick you up something.  How about a nice burger?  What?? A salad?!?! Come on, live a little!! I'm telling you, you look a little on the light side!!  I DON'T CARE if its a chicken Caesar salad, its still a salad, dammit!! Come on already!!  Fine! Fine you do whatever you want! I'm just saying this cuz I care!!!!