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The Davey Mac Sports Program! LIVE tonight on Ustream at PM EST!


You got it, Friendies!!  The number one independent sports show on iTunes and is LIVE tonight on Ustream at 7 PM EST!  Go to the Ustream section of this site!  It's sports, movies, TV, pop culture, farts, all rolled into one dynamite show!!  Here's what famous people from around the globe probably did not say about the Davey Mac Sports Program:


"It's more exciting than shooting someone in the face!"  -Dick Cheney 


"I second THAT, C-Dawg!"  -Phil Spector 


"I'm so hungry I'd eat the cum out of a dead man's cock!"  -Star Jones 


"What the shit happened to my career?  I was a fucking JEDI!!!"  -Mark Hamill 


"You were a DICK, is more like it!"  -Harrison Ford 


"What do YOU know, Blade-runner?!  Hey, everyone, it's Mr. One-Note:  Harrison Ford!"  -Mark Hamill 



"Come on, boys, just kiss and make up.  I'll be first.  Harrison, come here and let me kiss you HARD on the cheek, Regarding Henry!"  -Magic Johnson 


"Hey, Magic!  You said that was OUR thing!"  -Isiah Thomas 


" IS, Isiah Baby, don't get mad I was just---"  -Magic Johnson 


"You're ALWAYS just something, Magic!!  That's YOU, through and through!  And to think- I wanted to have kids with you!!!" -Isiah Thomas  


"Isiah Doll-Baby, you know I'm not ready for that kind of commitment!"  -Magic Johnson 


"Magic...I'm gonna say this real calm and smooth-like.  Kiss my black pussy GOODBYE."  -Isiah Thomas 



"Awww, Isiah Kitten-Baby, don't be like that.  Gotta go guys!  Isiah seems real mad this time!  And Harrison, when I get back you better be stripped down to your Indiana Jones fedora!  Meooww!!"  -Magic Johnson