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Quick Programming Note for the Davey Mac Sports Program Ustream watchers and internet listeners! (12/7/11)

  Hey, homies!  For the millions of you who listen to the Davey Mac Sports Program (Internet version) on iTunes or, we have a programming note!  While we usually do the show LIVE on Ustream on Wednesdays at 7 PM, due to kids being sick, Peppers being gassy, Seans being drummy, Roy Shaffers being tickly, and Daves being shmiggly, we are gonna do the show LIVE, TOMORROW night (Thursday the 8th), still at 7 PM EST!!  Tune in for the sports madness!!  Tune in for the show Pete Sampras may or may not have called, "strangely entertaining;"  the program that Bill Parcells possibly said "was an absolute delight, now where's my milkshake?"; the show that Brian Williams of NBC  Nightly News remarked: "East Side Davey Mac once fell asleep in one of my children's beds.  I...I think he was on drugs.  I had to notify the police."   We'll see ya Thursday!!!   And remember- the Davey Mac Sports Program XL is LIVE on Sirius XM on Saturday (Dec. 10th) at 8 Pm EST!!!  See you later, peeps!  And Brian Williams, see you in about fifteen fucking minutes!!!  Muhahahahahaha!!!!