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The Davey Mac Sports Program XL is LIVE this Saturday on Sirius XM!!!

  That's right, dogsie!!!  "The greatest show in the world," the Davey Mac Sports Program will be LIVE on Sirius 206, XM 105 (The Opie & Anthony Channel) this Saturday, December 10, at 8 PM EST (5 PM in the West)!!  We want your phone calls at 866-WOW-1-WOW!!  We want your feedback at!!!  We want your sex!!  We want your first-born children!!  We want your eggs and sperm respectively for our experiments!!  We want your animals to kiss us on the lips!!!  We want your fingertips in our bum-bums!!!  We want your deceased relatives to get their zombie asses in gear and start eating our enemies' brains!!  We want your livers for our failing health!!  We want you to tune in this Saturday for the SUCKIEST, the FUCKIEST show in God-Damned Show Business!!!  The Davey Mac Sports Program XL, this Saturday at 8 PM EST on the Opie & Anthony Channel!!  Bring it!!!!!