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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Dec. 6)

  I hung up my decorations, but when should I put up the Christmas tree?

a.) This Sunday (12%)

b.) The following weekend (10%)

c.) The day before Christmas Eve (6%)

d.) The day after I was up all night drinking, and I start crying to my wife about not yet having a Christmas tree...and I say, "Whhhyyy don't we have a fucking tree yet?!  What are we- fucking communists?!  If we don't get a tree TODAY, I'm gonna shit in the corner of the kitchen!!  I swears it!!  Here I go, the shitties are coming out!!!  Can we get the tree now?!  Yes?!?!  Hahahaha!!!!  Yeah, baby!!!  My little ruse worked then, didn't it?!  Hahaha!!!  On a serious note, can you hand me some toilet paper, 'cause a little piece of shitty did actually come out.  Thank you." (72%)


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