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Davey Mac show updates!! We are on LIVE tonight on Ustream at 7 EST!

  OK, first of all, thanks to EVERYONE who listened to and/or called in and-and/or-or emailed the Davey Mac Sports Program XL!!  We rocked the shit out of Satellite Radio and Sports and Thanksgiving and Poopies on Sirius 206, XM 105 this past weekend!!  We will be taking this Saturday off as I have to go down to North Carolina to visit with the in-laws!!  There, I will drink excessively and drive go-carts (not at the same time hopefully).  But we WILL be back the following Saturday, December 3rd, LIVE at 8 PM EST as always!!  The show has gotten great reviews and feed back (even from the higher-ups at Sirius XM) and thus we are looking good!!!  So we'll see ya in December!  I just farted!

Secondly, the internet version of the show, the Davey Mac Sports Program (available on iTunes and for free), continues to crush the shit and we will be doing a special Thanksgiving show TONIGHT!!!  Watch the show LIVE on Ustream at 7 PM EST!!!  Just go to the Ustream section on this site!  Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!  See ya tonight!!!