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Two Quick Things Dave Shall Now Discuss!

1.)  Thank you to everyone who came to my party- The Number One Birthday Party Of All Time!!  For videos on the madness, check out the Video Gallery on this site!!  We had a great time and it was one of the best birthdays ever (finishing only second behind the time that on my birthday when I was 12, I saw one of my school teachers fall on her fucking ass in the school parking lot...nice job, Mrs. O'Reilly!!!)! 2.) Thanks to everyone who rocked out via the listening, the phone calls, the emails, etc. to the Davey Mac Sports Program XL on Sirius XM Satellite Radio this past weekend!!!  We had another blast and shall return this Saturday at 8 PM EST (5 in the West) on Sirius 206, XM 105!!  It's being called the "Best New Show" on Satellite Radio so tune in and--- hey!  I think I just saw Mrs. O'Reilly walking outside!  And...HA!!  She just fucking fell down AGAIN!!!  Hey, nice fucking job, Mrs. O'Reilly, you clumsy bitch!!!!!  Adios!!!