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Too Big To Fail: A Davey Mac Review

Building on the outright wild success of my series of MTV's The Real World articles, I have decided to continue writing reviews, columns, and other miscellaneous Bull Shit on this here website.

As I started watching the movie Too Big To Fail, the Curtis Hanson-directed HBO film based on the financial bailouts, I said to myself: "Am I on acid?  Or is that Ed Asner dressed up like Warren Buffet?"  In fact one could draw two conclusions:  it was indeed Ed Asner playing one of the world's richest men, and I probably was on acid.

This would explain why I was both riveted by Too Big To Fail, and confused at the technical, financial jargon that was at times less comprehensible than the language C-3PO used to communicate to moisture vaporators.

This film's dialogue made the money-talk in two movies that I love, Wall Street and Barbarians At The Gate, look like it was written by retarded monkeys dressed as bankers.

But the pace of the movie is excellent; primarily because Curtis Hanson can direct your friend's mom into an inter-racial blow job if he needed to.  It moves swiftly and briskly...up and down...suck and...sorry.  I'm still thinking of the BJ.

One slight problem is Topher Grace. Who plays the part of Topher Grace.  His main role I believe, as Henry Paulson's (William Hurt) sidekick, is to Topher some fucking Grace around and shit.

William Hurt rules and his performance made me want to watch another great film of his- Smoke.  This would get the Topher Grace scent off of my clothes.

Overall, go watch Too Big To Fail because you'll learn a thing or two.   For instance after his term ended, the President of America from Independence Day went on to run JP Morgan .

Good movie.  I give it a B+ because I feel if I don't my Debit Card will be canceled.