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News!!!! NOT stuff!!

Hi there, Friendies.  I realized this morning that in this News & Stuff section I should occasionally post some actual News rather than ramble like Cheswick from Cuckoo's Nest. OK- Sam & Dave LIVE this Saturday, July 2nd, on Sirius XM at 8 PM EST.  LIVE on July 9th.  Best-Of on the 16th.  A special, LIVE Dave solo (probably with the wife) show on the 27th.  And LIVE the rest of the summer (I believe).

In Davey Mac Sports Program news- NO weeks off, huckleberries!! We'll be rocking the greatest sports show of all-time every Wednesday evening like we always do.  Look for the shows on  OR  iTunes (you can get the links on this site).

Look for a new video, VH1 Presents Basketball Husbands, to pop up today or tomorrow on the site.

And in other news, I was blowing spit-bubbles when my boss at my Jersey radio station (90.5 The Night) saw me.  Out of surprise, the large spit bubble that I had magnificently blown popped and saliva exploded onto my chin.  His response was one word: "Gross."

I guess that last part was once again "Stuff" and not "News."  I originally thought that my spit-bubble story was "News"-worthy; but I think I may have been wrong.  I.......I just could not help myself I guess.....

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