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Special Delivery Starring DAVE killed over the weekend on Sirius XM!

It's true!!  I looked it up and indeed the machines don't lie!!  Here are actual reviews from Facebook and Twitter (under the post/tweet "Special Delivery Starring DAVE SOLO tonight in 45 mins!!! Sirius 206, XM 105!! It's gonna be better than Footloose 2!!!"): Arty Goldbach- Dave...your radio gold!

Charlie Rodriguez- ...Dave for president!

Ross Brown- The only man good enough to radio alone

Greg Keller- this show is awesome!

Ellyn Stepanek- Great show, Dave! Loved Erock, too!

Opie & Anthony Rundowns- Really great show

rageaholic930- The chemistry with u and erock right now is making my hand touch my penis

Thanks to all of the above and another thanks to everyone (and there were millions of you) who listen, or call in, or both, and who support the show!!!  Tweet it!!!  Facebook it!!! Google Plus it!!!  Get the word out- the Dave Man be killing it on da Radio!!   Listen again this Saturday as Dave dominates Satellite Radio alone on Sirius 206, XM 105 at 8 PM EST!!  Adios, muchachos!!!