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The reviews are IN!! East Side Davey Mac- Superstar for 2011, '12, and beyond!!

Here are the reviews: Greg "Opie" Hughes of the Opie & Anthony show calls Davey Mac "a true talent."

Ron Bennington of the Ron & Fez show predicts "big things" for Dave.

Anthony Cumia says- "Fucking Dave."

Jim Norton inscribed to East Side Dave in not one but two best-selling books- "Dave, you sir are Radio Gold.  I am a fan."

Mike Trainor writes on Twitter about Davey (after a spot Dave did for Tru TV which will air in 3 to 4 months)- "The producers of my show are raving about @EastSideDave 's performance today."

Don Mattingly says- "Davey Baseball can fucking HIT, baby."

Pat Sajak comments- "Dave makes me uncomfortable.  I think he was standing next to me at the urinal once.  He was looking at my penis."

Connie Chung reports: "I've him eating garbage in the subway.  It's distressing."

Frank Zappa says- "I'm dead."

Teri Garr informs- "I saw him sculpt a large horse out of potatoes.  Then he started to finger the potatoe-horse-sculpture's ass.  I developed health problems soon afterward."

Terry Funk states: "This town ain't big enough for two "Terries", Teri!!

Teri Garr: Oh yeah?!?!

Terry Funk: Yeahhhhhh!!!!!


Jon Voight rips off a mask and says:  "It was me all along!!!!"