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Special Delivery Starring DAVE on Sirius XM kicked ass over the weekend!!

Thank you, everybody, who tuned in and/or called in to Special Delivery Starring Dave this past weekend!!  It was a Dave Solo show and if you liked it (and judging by the overwhelmingly positive feedback it seemed like you did), well guess what, rutabagas?!  I'm going LIVE again and SOLO and strapped to the nines with mother-fucking AK's and grenades out the ass AGAIN this Saturday as well!!! As always, The Dave Man will be LIVE on Sirius 206, XM 105 at 8 PM EST (5 in the west)!!!  We're gonna rock it so hard that people will either bleed, jiz, pee, or all of the above from their nostrils!!  As will I!!!!  I'll see ya this Saturday, rutabagas!!!!