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Sesame Place is Fun

.......yet big surprise- I got burnt yesterday.   We took the kids for our annual Sesame Place trip where I get destroyed by the sun and go flying down the water-slide like a giant red-headed idiot; barreling into children at the bottom of the slide who haven't bothered to get out of the way.   I smash into them with the force of a Lawrence Taylor hit on Joe Theisman; breaking their tiny little legs as they scream in agony.  I then get up and tell my wife (who's standing with shame to the side), "Hey honey, I'm gonna do that again!!!!"   At which point I repeat the process and take out four more kids.  I'm pretty sure right now, Sesame Place is littered with mauled children crying out in pain, like some kind of toddler-version of a Civil War battlefield.   Love ya, Big Bird!