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The Davey Mac Sports Program will be LIVE tonight on Ustream!

What: The NUMBER ONE independent sports show on and iTunes-   the Davey Mac Sports Program, LIVE!! When: around 6:45 or so PM, EST (5 in the west)!!

Where: right here at go to the Ustream section!!

Who: Davey Mac, Pepper, Sean-O, Roy Shaffer

Why: Because we love the sports and we fuck the sports!!!

Watch:  Because you will have a great time and we can get to know each other and then talk lovingly on the phone and cuddle and play Barry Manilow music in the background and because we love you!!!

Creepy: Yes! We are!

Criminals: Some of us!

Poopy: All the time, baby!!!

Watch the Davey Mac Sports Program tonight, LIVE, on Ustream and download the show from and iTunes and tell your friends!