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Davey Mac Sports Info And Thank You's!!

First of all- this week's epic Davey Mac Sports Program is up and ready! Listen to it on or iTunes (you can get the links from the Sports Page). And a big Thank You to all the people we had watching the show LIVE on Ustream last night! We had another huge audience and it was a great time! I'd also like to thank the girl at Supercuts for giving me the worst beard trim that I've had in three years because she was talking on her God Damn cell phone while cutting my face open!! Thanks a lot, lady....oh wait on second thought- Fuck You!!!!   And remember, the "Best Sports Show" in America is LIVE every Wednesday evening around 6:45, 7 PM (EST) on Ustream (get the link from the Ustream section on this site)!!! And tell your friends and colleagues about the show!! Thanks!!