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Saturday's Davey Mac Sports Program XL is NOW up on SiriusXM On Demand! Let's get drunky! (7/29/13)

  Dave Sirius GIants Guy

Yes, daddy!!  Go to the Opie & Anthony Channel on SiriusXM On Demand and take a listen to the "Best Show On Radio" (Freddy "Deaf Ears" Blackbone).  Dave & Pepper talk about Mike Dice-esca, intoxicated Canadians, a certain naughty puppet who stops by, chocolate milk recipes, Whacked Out Sports, and so much more!  Then, we go out after the show and drunkenly kill two homeless people!  Maybe we shouldn't have said that out loud!!  Shit!!  OK, we hear police sirens!!  We'll see you later!!  Peace!!

- Dave 7/29/13