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This week's online Davey Mac July Fourth Weekend Spectacular is NOW up on iTunes and RiotCast!! AND, we'll see you's Saturday on SiriusXM!! (7/6/13)

  Dave and Yankee Puppet

Oh, shits 'n' pussies!!  The Davey Mac Sports Program (online) July Fourth Spectacular is NOW up on iTunes and/or!!!  Make love to it if you'd like!!  God knows I will!!  I've made love to Play-Doh, tissues, chocolate things, and other items I can't mention here!!  So, why the heck would I NOT make love to this damned show?!  On this episode, we sing songs of freedom, we drink beer, and we celebrate America!!  We are the light in this cruel, dark world!!  We are the beacon of hope to the struggling masses!!  We get shit done!!  No go to iTunes and/or and have a listen!!

Then, if you're wondering what you can listen to while you're torturing some terrorist, tune in to the very patriotic Davey Mac Sports Program XL!!!  LIVE on Saturday on SiriusXM Satellite Radio at 7 Eastern, 4 Pacific!!  Go to the Opie & Anthony Channel (Sirius 206/XM 103) for the greatest show in United States history!!  God bless America!!  And God bless you, you farting, jizzing freaks!! 377988_307905215903253_240402219320220_1273561_1651481789_n