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This past Saturday's Davey Mac Sports Program XL is NOW up on SiriusXM On Demand!! Behold the gosh-damned magic!!

  The damned headline says it all!!  This past Saturday's SUPERB Davey Mac Sports Program XL is now available in the SiriusXM On Demand section!!  Go to the Opie & Anthony Channel for the show!!  We have all kinds of special guests- Emmy Award-winning keyboardist Roy Shaffer, truTV comedian Mike Trainor, NFL MVP Adrian Peterson, SiriusXM host "Primetime" Sam Roberts, Cocomo Joe, and MORE!!  It's the BEST fucking show in the world, slap-dammit- it's the fucking Davey Mac Sports Program XL!!  Now let's jiggle our parts together!!  Ohhh yeaahhhh!!!  Doesn't that feel good?!  Mmmmmmm!!!  Let's touch!!!  Yeahhhhhh!!  OK, gotta go!!

Davey Mac Show On Demand