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The Davey Mac Sports Program (online) WILL be LIVE this evening on Ustream!! Fuck yeah!! (6/18/13)


Rock 'N' Roll!!!  That's right!!  Even though this evening is the big Davey Mac Movie-thon at The Stand comedy club in New York City (which we will be attending), we shall nonetheless still demonstrate broadcasting professionalism at its best and fuck the Internet Radio squarely in its electrical ass by doing the Davey Mac Sports Program THIS EVENING on the East Side Dave Happy Times Channel on Ustream!!!  We plan to go LIVE around 5:30...maybe a little earlier...maybe a little later.  So check with Dave's Twitter and shit for the exact time!!  See you tonight for the show that's been called "The only program that's twice secretly video-taped my wife while she was shitting.  Lawsuits are pending."           - Donald Trump


Dave Valentine 2