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This week's online Davey Mac show is available!! Lick it!! Lick it NICE!!! (6/6/13)

  Dave Francesa 2

Yes, gentleman and ladies...oh yeah...YEAH...this post if off to a fucking SEXY start!!  ...Wait.  Sorry.  I got side-tracked there, boys and gals...wet...big-titted...smell like chocolate syrup and 7-Up slutty gals...

...Sorry again.  I haven't spanked it in six days and I think the jizz is affecting me.  Anyway, this week's moist and VERY fuck-able Davey Mac Sports Program (online version) is NOW up on iTunes and/or and ready to be suckled and for a pinky finger to go into its ass!!  Enjoy it!!  Oh YEAAHHHHHHH!!  TOUCH IT!!!  NOW BITE IT!!!  AHHHHHRRRGHH!!

Dave and Bruce