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Two new Davey Mac shows are available right fucking NOW!!! What the shit are you waiting for?! Download them already!!! (5/30/13)


For shit's sake, the shows are gosh-damned FREE!!  So, go listen to this week's explosive Davey Mac Sports Program (online version) on iTunes and/or!!!  Enjoy stories of David and his spotted penis, Roy Shaffer's strange trip to L.A., the NBA Playoffs, Pepper's rising coke habit, and Sean O's dead baby storage facility!!  It's a blockbuster episode, homies!!!

And when you're done with that, go check out our AWESOME movie show- The Watchers!!!  Subscribe to and listen to the show on iTunes and/or!!!  The guys chat about the HBO Liberace movie (Behind The Candelabra), Oliver Stone's Savages, Will Smith's son, and MORE!!  It's FUCKTACULAR!!!

Enjoy the shit, peeps!!!

Davey Mac Show rocks