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This past Saturday's Davey Mac 4-20/Boston Special is available on online and on SiriusXM On Demand!!

  Dave and Pepper high

Oh yeah, daddy!!  This past Saturday's mother-fucking EPIC Davey Mac Sports Program XL on SiriusXM Satellite Radio is available here- AND also in the SiriusXM On Demand section!!  The show was an insane one as it was a special 4-20/Boston Tribute episode and was more fucked up than seeing a monkey giving your uncle a blowjob!!  It was crazier than Oasis' Gallagher brothers putting M&M's in each other's asses!!  It was more INSANE than letting a leprechaun date-rape a unicorn!!!  It's a classic episode and YOU need to hear it!!  Go to and/or the SiriusXM On Demand section for the shit!!  Peace!!

Dave and Pepper in Sirius Window