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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- April 22)

  How was your 4-20, dogsies?!

a.) Awesome, Dave Man!!  I got so damned high that I killed my whole family!!!  ...Now that I think about it...maybe I got too high...does anyone know where I can hide from the police for a while?  (28%)

b.) I do not smoke marijuana, David.  I do, however, ingest cum that I manually jack out of the dick of a porcupine. (22%)

c.) My 4-20 ROCKED, Davey Mac!!  I was so weed'ed out that I ended up shitting in my grandmother's candy dish and forcing her to eat it at gunpoint!! (29%)

d.) I missed it!!  I was in a coma that day because of entering the 28th Annual North American Drop An Anvil On Your Head Convention!!  Shit!!! (21%)