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This week's episode of the Davey Mac show (online) is now up...AND...we will be live on Sirius XM on Saturday!!! Boom & zoom!!! (3/22/13)

  Dave Pulp Fiction

Oh, YEAH, daddy and mommy o's!!  This week's fucked-up episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program (online version) is NOW up on on and/or iTunes!!!  Subscribe to the show (for free) and grab your dicks!!!  We have a special studio audience who witnesses the show in all its drunken glory!!  Songs are sung!!  And death threats are thrown!!  It's an episode that has already been banned in sixteen countries including YOURS!!  Download it NOW!!

AND, don't forget- the Davey Mac Sports Program XL will be LIVE as always on Saturday on Sirius XM Satellite Radio!!  Tune in at 7 PM Eastern, 4 Pacific, to The Opie & Anthony Channel (Sirius 206/XM 105) for the show called "the greatest thing since shitting in a bowl!!"  We'll see you homies later!!

Dave and Pepper bar