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Dave & Pepper and St. Patrick!! LIVE on Saturday on Sirius XM!! (3/16/13)

  Dave and Pepper and the Urn

Yeah, daddy!!  It's a drunken Davey Mac Sports Program XL St. Patrick's Day Special on Sirius XM Satellite Radio!!  The o'gauntlet has been o'thrown and it shall be o'answered!!  David and Pepper are gonna double-fist the libations until a either a knife-fight or vomit-rama ensues!!  We are gonna drink until at least three small animals are sacrificed and Cousin Bruce is given noogies!!  And we want YOU to join us for the festivities!!  Go to The Opie & Anthony Channel (Sirius 206/XM 105) at 7 PM Eastern, 4 Pacific, for the sick celebration!!  Topics for the show shall include:

* Shamrocks- they're good luck!  Especially if you tattoo one on the fore-head of a passed out old person on St. Pat's Day!

* Irish comedians Sean & Danny O'McKeelan do their famous bit- "We're Gonna Behead The First Englishman We See, Especially If Said Englishman Turns Out To Be That Bastard Russell Brand

* The Pogues- we like listening to them as we puke on interns

* Erin Go Bragh- we don't know what it means but it sounds if some Irish lass is gonna show her titties

* Regis Philbin stops by and gets punched in the mouth by accident

* And Dave & Pepper piss each other's pants somehow

We'll see you Saturday evening for the St. Pat's Davey Mac Special!!  Until then!!

Dave and Pepper