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This week's online Davey Mac show (St. Patrick's Day Special) is up and ready to be drank down your gullet!! (3/14/13)


Yeah, daddy!!  This week's spectacular Davey Mac Sports Program St. Patrick's Day Special is NOW up on on and/or iTunes!!!  Subscribe to the show (for free) and get your damned party on, daddy!!  Grab yourself a Guinness and get ready for the greatest Irish Explosion since the O'Death Star blew up!!  We sing songs!!  Dave tells stories!!  Pepper has bad gas!!  Roy Shaffer rocks it hard!!  Sean O kills the janitor!!  And special guest guitarist Dave Richter makes Eddie Van Halen look like a pussy!!  It's the best St. Patty's Day special you've ever fucking heard!!  Listen to it NOW on and/or iTunes!!  Top o' the mornin' to ya!!

Davey Mac CREW studio