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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- March 8)

  It's snowing!  What should we do?

a.) Let's make snow man using a carrot for his nose, buttons for his eyes, and a big, black dildo for his dick!!!  Yeeeeeoooowwww!! (22%)

b.) I've always hated the snow, David, ever since my cousin Balki and I were stuck in our cabin one time and forced to eat our girlfriends, Jennifer and Mary Anne.  -Larry Appleton (24%)

c.) Wait!!  You ate my girlfriend Mary Anne?!  You told me she was out taking a walk!!!  You bastard!! -Balki Bartokomous (26%)

d,) Whoa, I think one of the Perfect Strangers guys just took out a knife and sliced the other one's face off!!  I'm getting the fuck out of here!!! (28%)

Perfect StrangersDave and SNOW and Puppet